Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

So, it is officially 2012!!  Hooray!!  Not that it's a big deal but this year I have actually made and written down several (okay maybe 30 or so...) resolutions.  Nothing too unrealistic.  Some examples would be no yelling, make more home cooked meals, take better care of myself and start blogging regularly (meaning at least once a week).  I have reviewed my list a few times and have even added a few things that I have thought of since my initial drafting.  I'm very happy and excited about it and I plan on keeping every single one of them.

Now to the good (or not so good) first blog entry of the New Year.

On Thursday December 29th. 2011 our youngest Mazlyn (17 months) was diagnosed with pink eye (conjunctivitis) and double ear infections.  The Doctor forewarned me that it would be close to impossible for me to prevent the oldest two from getting it as well so..... Happy New Year to the Fuchs Family!!

Wyatt, 3 has the worst case of it.  Along with his pink eye he also has an ear infection in his left ear and bronchitis. He has had no appetite for 2+ days now and he is visibly sick.  When he is awake (which is not very often throughout the day) he is clingy and quiet.

 Alyvia, 5 who is normally our terror (God love her) has also been infected.  She has pink eye in only one eye, double ear infections and bronchitis.  She is not terrorizing like normal but she is still keeping her title.  Very whiney, still not liking to keep her clothes on and coughing like a barking dog.  Poor thing I know but it is a nice break from the normal.  This is also helping me to keep the "no yelling" resolution.

 Needless to say we have a pharmacy in the fridge.  All three of them have oral medication that needs to be administered twice a day (different doses of course).  And the older two have some lovely eye drops that they need to have dropped in four times a day.  Luckily all three of them take their medicine like CHAMPS.  Otherwise I may be trying to run away.  Lol.

The Daddy is also sick.  Mainly with the cough and runny nose but,  his eyes are itchy too and he's not very fun to be around.  I love him but when he is sick..... he's not much fun.  Lol.  But, who is right??

Anyways, along with my list of personal resolutions, the family has also made a list of "Promises to Jesus" (for his birthday but, all the same for the next year.)  Some of those include saying Grace to God before each meal, eating together as a family, obeying our Mommy and Daddy and being kind to everyone.  I am very excited about these as well.  I think our family is getting to the point where we can understand the significance and create good habits for a lifetime.  Fingers crossed.

For now I'd say I have successfully blogged for the first time in 2012.  You are now up to date with the Fuchs family.  Hopefully I will keep this resolution.

God Bless!!


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