Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Challenge of preparing to move with 3 small children.

Now I know that I have shared little tidbits about our moving preparations in previous posts but I don't think that I have gone into detail about the highlights and the challenges.  I never realized how difficult it was to keep a house in top-notch shape thinking that the realtor could phone at any time to say she has a perspective buyer interested in viewing our home or how disappointing it can be every night when 8pm rolls around and you have heard nothing from her.

 I'm more exhausted than anything but, it's not easy at all.  I have a stack of empty boxes lined up by the wall so that when the phone call does come we can quickly unload the clutter (that has definitely been minimized but is required to live) from the counters and the dryer.  I am picking up and vacuuming constantly and I am trying to convince my children that now is the time to learn how to make our beds everyday, put our clothes in the laundry everytime and make sure our toys are cleaned up when we are done playing with them always.  Not to mention the husband who is learning slowly but surely.  I know that he wants to get out of this house but when he leaves for work in the morning I don't really think he realizes what goes on while he is away.  He only notices that I am ready for bed by 8pm.

I know that when we sell the house, move to the new house, get all settled and organized and can take a deep breath this time in our lives will feel like a small bump we overcame to achieve greater goals and greater living arrangements but for now I am tired and anxious!!  The kids are excited about moving to the new house, having a huge back yard, their own bedrooms and a better life but I feel bad not being able to say when exactly we will be moving.  I feel like I have said "when we sell this house" a million times.  They aren't really satisfied with that answer and neither am I.  After this move I am hoping we will NEVER have to go through this again.  Only time will tell I guess!!

For now I will continue to reign in the chaos we call life, I will try to have a more optimistic outlook on this whole selling thing and I will make sure when the call from the realtor does come this house is as close to perfect as it has ever been.

For now........


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