Monday, May 3, 2010

Busiest Weekend

We had so much to do this weekend and only half of it got done but, we spent it all together so who cares right?? Friday night we went to the Grange Anniversary party and enjoyed time with family and other Grangers. Saturday morning started early as it always does with gymnastics. Wyatt and Daddy participated in their session and then Wyatt and I left and headed to the doctors office.

I have been concerned about him playing and messing with his left ear (that he had an infection in 3 weeks ago) so after two weeks I finally made an appointment and took him in. He is so well behaved. He acted a little shy at first (just like his Daddy) but, then he did an awesome job. We didn't see our regular doctor but the lady that we did see was very nice. She checked out his ears and then removed a ton of wax from his left ear which was the one I had been concerned with. She said it was a little red but no infection. She then checked his throat and that was also a little red so she asked to do a strep culture. It came back negative so she just told us to go on with his allergy meds and if he spiked a fever to call again. We are going to try using mineral oil to lessen the amount of wax buildup inside his ear. I clean around the outside of his ears 2-3 times a week but, I don't feel comfortable cleaning inside of them. Who knows??
We got home about the same time that Daddy and Lyvi did and we then played outside for a few hours while Daddy mowed the lawn and fixed the lawn mowers. We ended up with two little ones with sand all in their hair so it was off to the shower. We then had to head out to Lyv and Wys cousins 6th birthday party. What a trip. I'm terrible in crowded places with my children and this place was more than crowded.

The kids had fun but, Tom and I did not. Lyvi got trampled and banged up and I was ready to leave about 10 minutes after arriving but we survived the whole two hours and then left. All the cousins were going to play in the sandbox where Uncle Jason works so we decided to head up there so the kids could play and Tom could ride go~karts and hit golf balls at the driving range. I was just excited to have social hour with the fellow Mommies.
Sunday morning we all slept in till 10am. Then we got up and lazied around for two hours and then we headed to Lowes for some needed supplies. When we got home Wyatt was napping so Lyvi had a chance to do her new Dora puzzles. She did such a great job and was so proud of herself. I love watching her try and succeed at new tasks. That is something that I am looking forward to with homeschooling. Hopefully my kids will enjoy it as much as me.

We had a late night last night because Wyatt had napped so long but, altogether we had a good nights sleep and Daddy is now at work and here I sit. I'm looking around at all the things that need to be done before my parents come for Wyatts birthday on Wed and then the birthday party on Sunday. I better get going.

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