Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loving my life!!

Todays post is about how grateful I am for this life I have been given. I have these two perfect children that actually love to snuggle with me, the perfect husband that shows me affection at all the right times and who knows his responsibilities to this family and continues to help out around the house even after he goes to work everyday to support us. My Mom is amazing and I consider her my best friend (tied for best with my little sister actually). Speaking of her, she is so smart and unique. I love the person she has become over the last 19 years. I am so grateful to still have my Daddy here after the scare last year and I am glad that my parents are still happily married and giving Tom and I something to look forward too. Also, I have this extremely busy baby in my tummy. I know he will just complete this family.

We have a home and two vehicles and tons of other family that love and support us. We have plenty of food,clothing, toys and books. A dog that is actually moving out of the puppy phase (I think) and lots of LOVE!!

This is all coming from the morning that we have had. It started with Tom getting up to get ready for work. He got dressed and then actually picked up the living room for me so I didn't have to do it before the kids got up. Then as I was laying in bed Radar actually came in and barked to tell me he needed to go outside. I took him out and then I came to my clean living room to watch the news. As always there was nothing great reported but, shortly thereafter Wyatt came down the hallway. He saw me and ran to my lap. I picked him up and sat him under the blanket with me and he told me "Love you Mommy". My heart melted. Then we changed the channel to PBS and watched together for an hour till his sister came out of the bedroom and took over my other leg. I sat for about 40 minutes just thanking God for blessing me with these two perfect babies. I teared up thinking about what I would do if anything ever happened to one of them and then I just started thinking about everything in my life that I have to be grateful for.

Happiness is everything and I have happiness galore!!

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