Monday, May 24, 2010

Homeschool/Baby/Summer Preparations

I have soooo much on my mind. I am worried about starting to officially homeschool Alyvia in preschool starting in Aug/Sept, I'm worried about having another baby in July and I'm worried that this beautiful summer weather and atmosphere will turn to fall (and then winter) way too fast.

For now I am collecting resources, setting goals, and trying to be realistic with my expectations for homeschooling. I know that everything that I "plan" could end up being scrapped by Oct. I know that getting into habits and setting schedules is difficult for one person and I am going to try to make and perfect a homeschool schedule that will meet the needs of not just myself but also Alyvia (the guinea pig of sorts) Wyatt (who I feel will be just as interested in "school" as his sister) Mazlyn (who will have needs that I will have to meet while maintaining a structured day) Tom (who will be supportive in his own way, but will also be the voice of reason and sensibility when I get stressed or expect too much.) On top of trying to figure out a good schedule for homeschooling I will also still need to do all the regular household chores. I know its not impossible I just feel that it is going to take time to figure everything out and I am a person who likes immediate results of perfection. Within the next few days I am going to set an official start date for Preschool at the Fuchs Academy. Let our journey begin. I know that we will get it right by graduation. (Joke~Completely)

As for baby preparations, we had a delivery of baby clothes and our old infant car seat just yesterday. Jennifer was nice enough to bring back all of Wyatts old clothes we had given to them for their son and so I spent some time going through them and sorting them by size. We don't have many 0-3 month clothes for Mazlyn so we are going to be going to babies~r~us this afternoon to fill in some gaps of his wardrobe. We are also going to buy him a new swing.

And lastly we have some things we need to get and do for summer. The weather is beautiful and should be all week. We are looking to buy an air conditioner so that the kids and I aren't miserable all summer long in the house. We also need to buy the right materials to fix our make~shift outdoor spicket so that we can fill a pool for swimming. I'm planning on spending time outside as much as my pregnant body will allow. We are also buying an umbrella clothes dryer for the yard so that I don't need to run the dryer in the house and we can take another step towards a greener lifestyle. Of course this project will involve time, energy and cement so although I really want to be able to hang my laundry outside I'm not overly excited about the project that will make it possible. (Speaking of laundry, I am so behind AGAIN. My first goal for this week is to get it back under control and then I just need to keep it under control. 1 or 2 loads a day is a lot easier than 15 at once when I get behind.)

We are also on the hunt for two new bicycles. Alyvia has outgrown her 12 inch that her Aunt bought her just last year and of course it was pink and white so Tom and I don't really want to pass it down to Wyatt. So we are looking to buy Wyatt his first (and only) *NEW* bike. And for Alyvia, after a considerable amount of convincing, we are looking to buy her a new boys 16 inch so that from now on we will only need to buy one new bike of every size and it will hopefully make it through all three of our children. She will get the bike new but it won't be pink and tassled with butterflies and stars. I feel it makes it fair to everyone. Just my theory but I've convinced the Daddy now too.

So, I guess we have a lot going on. I can't believe I have a four word title that actually encompasses all of this stuff. I'm excited though, for Mazlyn, summer and starting the homeschool process that I have been talking about for years now. We are finally going to start the next phase of our lives. Wish us all luck!!

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