Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Been Busy!!

We have been busy just enjoying life. Wyatts Birthday party on Mothers day actually worked out better than I had anticipated. We made his cake ourselves and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

It was rainy and crummy outside so we spent the entire time in the house but it worked out great because the guest were spread out just right to where we weren't ever feeling crowded. Toms brother and his girlfriend and daughter spent a lot of time here which was really nice because we don't get to see them often. We got to enjoy company from 1-9 and we actually got to socialize and enjoy our time with everyone.

I started my "job" scoring at a local dirt track that is about ten minutes down the road on Saturday. It is totally different from scoring the asphault races but I really enjoy how close the track is to home. I also enjoyed being away from my kids (as terrible as that sounds) but, I don't ever get any time to myself around here so... I will take it even if I have a job to do while I am gone. I also made $50 so I feel like a positive contributer to the household.

Sunday we spent the entire day outside. We played with toys, got the flowers and plants for our garden planted, Daddy mowed the lawn, we went through and threw away a ton of stuff that we no longer need in totes under the house and we even got the outdoor spicket project started. I really enjoyed the fresh air and as soon as we came in both of the kids crashed on the couch leading to some Mommy and Daddy alone time. Talking and snuggling while watching some tv together. Very nice.

The week so far has been okay. I'm so tired and we still have 7 weeks left of this third and final pregnancy. But, I am just trying to rest whenever I can. The problem is I can't trust my children for a second. So needless to say I am not able to nap or even rest during the day. Not to mention my house that has gone to you know where. I'm waiting for the whole nesting phase to kick in so that I can get this place cleaned to within an inch of its life. Lets just say we have A LOT to do before baby comes. We need to clean clean clean in general but then we have our bedroom to move around and organize and I want all the cupboards cleaned and organized and yet I have no energy to take on these projects at this time. Maybe next week.

We will get it all done and we will bring Mazlyn home to the perfect home. I have faith.

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