Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lyvi amazes me daily (nightly).

Now I will be the first person to admit that Tom and I made the BIGGEST mistake of our parenting careers with Alyvia. We co~slept with her from day one and paid for it till about a year ago. Getting her out of our bed was torturous to say the least. Bad habits are hard to break especially for a 3 year old. She had a toddler bed that worked for a few days and then she ended up sleeping on the couch for months. She would fall asleep on the couch but still end up in our bed before nights end. Then we traded her toddler bed for a twin size bed, made a huge deal out of her picking her own sheets and how "Big" she was having a "big girl bed". We also started working on changing our routine. Trying to get her to sleep at 9 instead of 11 and putting her to sleep in her own room. We have had pretty good luck and she only ends up in our room when she is sick or when she is "scared".

So all this is just leading up to the punch line of last night. I was having a HORRIBLE night. I couldn't get comfortable for the longest time and then the brownie I ate before bed started giving me the worst heartburn ever. I was too hot and then I was too cold and I had a headache (probably from the heartburn) that I could hardly bare. I had finished my prescription for my Zantac yesterday and I really needed some so I woke Tom up and asked him to go outside to my van to get my other bottle of meds. Him being the ~perfect~ husband that he is actually got up and went out in the pouring rain to get me my medicine. He brought me a glass of water and my pill and then crawled back into bed.

Now I was sitting up in bed waiting for my medicine to kick in and basically falling back to sleep when around the corner in the hallway comes........

I don't know if Tom woke her with the door when he went out to get my medicine or if she had a bad dream or if her allergies woke her up but, who knows how long she was in her room "playing beach". She found her bathing suit and put it on over her underpants and was so proud of herself. I was completely baffled. I just let her climb in and go back to sleep. What a silly kid!!

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