Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy But Fun Weekend!!

This past weekend was very busy but, incredibly worthwhile.  Tom had the day off Friday which meant that we got an extra long weekend with our Daddy.  He helped me do the apple print craft because with two young children and paint two adults is a really good plan.  I also love how involved he is with his children and their schooling.  It makes me feel like I am not alone in this thing called homeschooling. 

Saturday morning we were up earlier than we are on a normal Saturday but that was because we had to take our children to my Mom and Dad's house.  My parents were nice enough to watch Lyv and Wyatt overnight so that Tom and I could both score Paradise and earn some extra money.  When we arrived at my parents we found them both tearing a window out of the barn.  Home improvement projects were planned for the weekend.  Ones that my Dad had been putting off all summer because the weather had been so perfect for riding the bike.  Well, I stole my Mom away and so Tom ended up in the middle of it all along with my brother.  Pictures were a must so.....
Then Foreman Wyatt had to get in on the action.  So.....

There he is telling his Daddy what to do.  Lol.

My parents mentioned that they might take the kids to the zoo that afternoon and Tom and I thought it was a great idea.  I'm so glad my Mom remembered to bring the camera because they got a few nice shots to catalog the "field trip".  Here are just a few......

Here is Alyvia looking at the alligators (or are they crocodiles??  I can't tell the difference.)

My Dad with Alyvia and Wyatt.

Love this.  They are so silly!!

So, Tom and I went to Paradise with just Mazlyn and we had an okay time.  I was rather nervous because I was doing everything myself without Debbie but, there were no problems what~so~ever.  Now the real test will be next Saturday.  We shall see how it goes.

Sunday morning I got up rather early because I had a million things that I wanted to get done before we went to get the kids.  First on my list was super cleaning out my van.  I started at 7:15 and didn't wrap up till almost 10.  I vacuumed and washed windows and figured out new seating arrangements for the kids (don't ask).  Well, I knew that my parents were probably tired out from all the excitment of having their grandchildren with them overnight so I gave up on accomplishing anything else.  Tom, Mazy and I hit the road about 10:15 and arrived at my parents about 11.  I was just planning on stopping, picking up children and then heading home again but, Tom found other things to do. Like helping my Dad and brother put a new roof on their shed.  I love how he helps them but all I could think about were the things I didn't get to in the morning that I was planning on using the afternoon to accomplish.  Of course I had to take pictures though.

Notice the audience....

Then they put my daughter on the roof to have her weight help the glue adhere. 
Great thing to teach them right??

Needless to say we didn't end up leaving until after 4pm.  We had to stop to WalMart on the way home for a few things so we didn't get back till close to 7pm.  Not much was accomplished around my house this weekend but, we payed my parents in labor for babysitting the kids overnight.  Lol.

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