Monday, September 27, 2010

Homeschool Update Week 2

The Fuchs Academy Homeschool progress Sept. 18th-26th
This week in our homeschooling journey we learned about balloons and played with them too.  The letter of the week was "B", number 2, color blue and shape oval.  The kids really enjoyed playing with the punch balloons and reading books about balloons and hot air balloons.

Lyvi really enjoyed making her Bumble "B" one day while her brothers were napping.
I actually got the idea from one of my favorite blogs.
One of the things I like about homeschooling is the fact that my
children can stay in their pajamas all day if they so desire.
(And we have no plans or playdates that would require otherwise.)  Lol.

Daddy also made the kids some fun Balloon hats.

That really made us laugh.

This was Tom's favorite.  He called him the indian chief.  Lol.

On Wednesday we had friends over to play for quite a while.  They are 2 and 4 months old and their parents are planning to homeschool them just like us so while the Moms talked the kids played and we all had a really nice time.  It was kind of a day off from homeschooling but we were getting a good dose of "socialization" so I am still counting it.  After all we all know how that concerns every non~homeschooling person under the sun right??

Wyatt colored many lovely pictures this week of balloons, ovals, Buzz Lightyear (his favorite) and the letter "B".  He and his sister were allowed to use the glue to stick their letter "B" I had cut out to a blue piece of construction paper and they loved the glueing experience so much this week I am going to do another activity that involves the good old glue stick.

On Friday all three of my lovely children were headed to the Doctors for their well child visits.  Mazlyn's was 2 month, Wyatt's 2 year and Alyvia's 4 year.  We had put them off for a few months because we know how busy the doctors office is in July and August because of all the public school children who are required to have their immunizations within a certain amount of time so, we wait until they are all back in school because we have no requirements.  I started telling our kids at the beginning of the week that Friday we had doctors appointments scheduled and there would be shots administered.  We even read a book about going to the doctor and pretended to check each others heartbeats and breathing with our pretend stethoscope and we checked out each others ears too.  The kids were really prepared or so I thought.  We got there and Lyvi was nervous,  I could tell because she wouldn't sit still.  When the nurse called us back Lyvi told Tom and I that she didn't need to go and we had to coax her along.  The nurse checked her height and weight and then started to put us in a room and the fire alarm started to go off.  We were escorted outside by our Doctor and we got to sit in the sun and wait.  Wyatt kept asking over and over again "Whats that sound Mommy??  Whats that sound??"  So the trip to the Doctors office turned into a lesson on fire alarms and fire safety.  We missed the fire truck and the fire men however because we were taken out the back door and they arrived and checked the building through the front. : (   Afterwards we were taken back into the office and all three of the kids were checked out and given a thumbs up.  Then came the fun part..... shots.  I had Wyatt go first because he is my "Champ".  He was only given the flu vaccine in his leg and he didn't even flinch.  He watch Diane stick him, looked at me funny and then continued to read his book.  Lyvi went next and basically flipped out like a 4 year old drama queen,  I don't really blame her though because she was given 5 shots so...  Then it was my babys turn.  Mazlyn had to get three shots and he cried as any 2 month old would.  I do it because I love them though and like all the paperwork says "shots may hurt a little but illness can hurt a lot more." 

After the Doctors visit we got to head out to Oswego for the Race of Champions. 
While we were there Wyatt enjoyed playing with his cars in the tower.  I love him so!!

Saturday was my birthday and my dear friend Toni made me these beautiful cupcakes and it made me feel so special.  Tom and I worked a special show at Paradise and did an awesome job.  I am more than confident about us taking over next year.  I know we can handle it.

On Sunday Alyvia and I went to church alone because we had gotten home so late on Saturday night (Sunday morning really) I figured it would be easier to just let the boys sleep in and enjoy some time together.  That also meant that Lyv and I were able to enjoy some alone time.
Lyvi started Sunday school this week and I took it pretty hard.  I think she needs to be able to take instruction from other adults sometimes though and I hate to say this phrase twice in one post but, it also gives her some "socialization" time.  And she has a few church friends that she absolutely adores.  I was also able to talk to Pastor Susan (My second Mom) and spend some time alone with my thoughts.  I can't wait till next week.  Except the boys won't be getting out of it this time.

That pretty much sums up our week.  Now we have started our next letter and theme.  We are doing the letter "C" and the theme for the week is Cows.  Oh the fun we are slated to have.  Tune in next week for the update.  Till then.

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