Monday, October 4, 2010

Eight Questions From Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool

I love reading Tristans blog at Our Busy Homeschool and today she had this great blog activity posted.  She asked these 8 questions so I decided to answer them and send her the link.  Here we go.

1.) What is one food or meal you love to eat that your family does not enjoy, so you don’t make it often?

I absolutely love kidney beans and corn and my family (husband especially) does not care for them.  I will only make it for myself when we are having a "fend for yourself" dinner and it is the only thing I eat.

2.) Tell me one thing you swore you would never do when you were a parent, but since having children of your own you have actually done.

My Mom was very overprotective and I never understood why.  (I was not allowed to go to friends houses, walk the mall alone, play outside alone ect.)  I thought she was nuts but now that I have children of my own I realize I have turned into my mother (I may even be worse than she was.)  I don't trust anyone (but my parents) with my children and I always forsee the worst possible outcome of every situation that arises.  I said I would never make my children feel the way about me that my Mom made me feel about her but, guess what..... now that I am a Mom I don't care how they feel about me as long as they are safe and healthy.
3.) What character issue is God working on in your life right now?

I feel God is working on my ability to let the little things go. 

4.) What is your favorite household chore? How about your least favorite chore?

My favorite household chore would be making beds.  There is just something about the satisfaction I feel after I make them perfect and the way it makes me feel when I put my kids to sleep in their nice neat beds at night.  I also love getting into a made bed versus an unmade one.

My least favorite chore is dishes.  I really don't like dishes.
5.)  As a homeschool mom, what is one area you feel you do well in, and one area you struggle with?

One thing that I feel I do well as a homeschool mom would be teaching my children in a way that makes them excited about learning and "school".  We are only doing preschool at the moment but, my children can't seem to get enough of it.  And they retain every bit of information it seems. 

I do have an issue with not keeping to my schedule.  Maybe I plan too much or just run out of "teacher steam" short of completeing everything that is prepared for any given week/unit.
6.)  Would you rather eat health food or exercise regularly?

I would rather excercise regularly because when I excercise it makes me have more energy to do the regular things life as a mom requires me to do.

7.) What is one thing you love about your husband, and one thing that drives you bonkers?

I love (and am very thankful to God) that my hubby is so interested and involved in his family and the kids schooling.  I know that my children will be better people because they are learning from both their Mom and their Dad about life, relationships, friends and all their school subjects.

I can't stand the way he can recall all sorts of sports information that has absolutely no purpose or importance in our lives but something he and I talked about in dept yesterday he can't recall.  It makes me feel terrible.
8.)  When your kids all leave the nest what is one job you would like to try in all your free time?

I would like to be a freelance writer and possibly a church secretary/assistant.

Thanks Tristan!! 
I had fun and I hope you enjoyed reading my answers.

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  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you played along Shylo. It was fun getting to know you better.