Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm back!! I hope!!

So, I may have fallen off the horse with this whole blogging thing.  A lot has happened since I last blogged so I am going to try to hit the high points and then my plan is to start blogging regularly.  Not exactly sure what regularly is going to look like for me, could be daily, weekly, monthly.  I'm not exactly sure what will work for my families schedule at the current time but I know I want to create this blog for my family and friends so that everyone can keep up with "The Fuchs Family Five".  (Oh, how I love how that sounds.)

So since October 5th, 2010 we have celebrated many special occasions.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.... you know the usual.  We teach our children the real meaning of holidays like Christmas and Easter so we celebrated Jesus' birth and resurrection not visits from Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

We have made it through another wrestling season and we love the money but, hate the time away from each other.  Last weekend we had our first night of racing for the year.  This year Tom and I are both working at the track so, the children are staying home with Mazlyns Godmother Melissa while we "work".  It gives me a break from the kids (I know that sounds terrible but I am home with them 24 hours a day, everyday of the week (by absolute choice).  Sometimes Mom just needs a break.) And it earns us a little extra money.  I also started babysitting the cutest little boy Aideyn in January.  We are lucky enough to have Aideyn come play with us every other week.  He is just a little younger than Wyatt so it makes for a good playmate too. 

We sent in our letter of intent for Alyvia to start Kindergarten at home next year.  I am excited but also nervous because Lyvi has been "homeschooling" since she was 2 and she is already most of the way through Kindergarten so we will be doing a mixed school year.  We will start out the year finishing Kindergarten and finish it 3/4 of the way through 1st grade.  We shall see how it goes.  We plan on trying out a 4 day school week (Mon-Thurs), Thursday afternoons Lyvi will be participating in a homeschool enrichment program that is offered through our local YMCA.  The program will cover New York states requirements for art, music and physical education and is an affordable addition to our curriculum.  It will also give Alyvia a chance to interact with other homeschool children her age and older.  Fridays we are calling "Field Trip" days and we will spend them traveling to the zoo, museum, library, park, nature center, ect.  We are also planning on homeschooling year round even though we will have our required 180 "school days" fulfilled by the end of June so that I can send in our year end report.  Can't believe my "baby girl" is turning 5 in June.  Where has the time gone??

Wyatt is going to be 3 on May 5th.  We are having a Thomas the Train birthday party to celebrate and I will be creating another cake for this event.  Wyatt is about ready to start Kindergarten.  He knows all his letters, shapes, numbers and colors.  He has a very mellow attitude toward life.  He takes everything as it comes and loves to snuggle with his Mommy.  He plays GREAT by himself but that's not always a good thing seeing as he's not an only child and Mom babysits a child his age who has the same interest that he does.  Thomas the Train is all we know around our house.  Wyatt has TONS of trains and he plays with them daily. 

Mazlyn, Mr. Mazy.  Is now 9 months old and has 4 teeth.  He is sort of crawling (he does an army crawl sorta thing) and he is starting to pull himself up on the furniture.  Everything goes into his mouth (normal) and he loves playing with his bro~bro and sissy.  He's so perfect and it makes everything even more special with him because I know he is the last baby that Tom and I will ever have.  The Fuchs Family Five has been completed thanks to Mr Mazlyn and we couldn't be happier.

Tom and I are as happy as ever.  Still the normal issues but I am trying to live with them.  I have to realize that not everything can be perfect all the time.  Tom is a guy and I love him more today than I did the day I met him and thats saying something.  Lol. 

Well, hopefully I can write again tomorrow and maybe even add some pictures.  Till then................

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